CTT Mussoorie
CTT Mussoorie

Cafe Teatotaler

Chai Toh Banti Hai

Mussoorie | Haridwar | Noida

CTT Mussoorie

Cafe Teatotaler Began By Breaking Away From The Norm

We used to fantasise about owning a cafe and living a slow-paced life in the mountains all through our early responsibilities and hectic lives. When a friend showed us this hidden haven with the most breathtaking view in Mussoorie, we knew our dream was coming true.

CTT Mussoorie


Monday - Saturday | 10:15AM - 10:30PM
Saturday - Sunday | 10:15AM - 10:30PM


Our Menu

At CTT, we are dedicated to making environmentally and socially responsible decisions in all aspects of running our café. We are continually striving to source locally, reduce waste, and minimise our carbon footprint while simultaneously upholding high-quality standards of food and service.


Margherita Cheese Pizza
Onion and Capsicum Pizza Mushroom and Cheese Pizza Peri Peri Cottage Cheese Pizza Cheese Festival Pizza Exotic Veggi Pizza (Spcl.)
White Sauce Pizza
(with Pesto and Sundried Tomatoes)

CTT Mussoorie


Plain Maggi Maggie Butter Masala Egg Masala Maggi Vegetable Maggi Chef Special Maggi

CTT Mussoorie


Coleslaw Cold Sandwich Bombay Sandwich Chipotle Egg Sandwich Vegetable Melt Sandwich Double Cheese Sandwich Exotic Veg Sandwich Club Sandwich

CTT Mussoorie


Virgin Classic Mojito Green Apple Fizz Blue Lagoon Rose Mojito Cranberry Mojito Blueberry Mojito Peach Mojito Passion Fruit Mojito Mango Mojito Strawberry Mojito Pineapple Mojito (Spcl.)

CTT Mussoorie


Peach Iced Bubble Tea Passion Fruit Iced Bubble Tea Cranberry Iced Bubble Tea Blueberry Iced Bubble Tea Mango Iced Bubble Tea Strawberry Iced Bubble Tea Pineapple Iced Bubble Tea Rose Iced Bubble Tea Lemon Iced Bubble Tea

Good Food | Good Tea

What sets us apart?

At Cafe Teatotaler, we believe in extending a helping hand beyond our cafe and serving our community. Not only do we locally source most of our produce, but our staff as well are employed by the local community itself.

We do not believe that tea ought to be served with only bhajiyas and samosas. We believe that tea is the most versatile beverage of all. Not only does it taste fantastic, but it also complements practically any cuisine, whether served hot or cold, with or without milk, sweet or sour.

Oferujemy chwilowka 100zl.

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